The Hydrofoil Company Vision

Driven by the power of uncompromising innovation and a passion for ocean sports, THE HYDROFOIL COMPANY was created purely as a research and development company committed to maximizing hydrofoil performance at the highest level. Led by engineer and innovator, Carlos Merino, and athlete and businessman, Ridge Lenny, the goal of The Hydrofoil Company is to develop groundbreaking technology to design hydrofoils which are not only easy to use, but also deliver the highest performance to our riders.

Utilizing cutting edge software modeling and CNC technology tailored to hydrofoil production, The Hydrofoil Company has cultivated an extensive collection of prototypes tested and proven by some of the world’s best ocean athletes - most notably famed waterman, Kai Lenny. What has resulted, is an unprecedented array of foils adapted to almost every ocean condition ranging from high performance surf, open ocean swells, the massive waves of Pe'ahi, and beyond.

While The Hydrofoil Company’s primary focus has always been research and development, we aspire to share our creations with the world. Collaboration with hydrofoil manufacturers, such as the Maui Fin Company, has finally made this possible.